10 Reasons Why It’s Awesome Being A Deaf Traveller


1. You have the ability to communicate with anyone, regardless of language barriers.

2. You bump into other Deaf people everywhere you go (well, almost!).

3. You are given a hotel/hostel room next to the main road, and you won’t be able to hear all the noise.

4. You get to board your plane before everyone else.

5. Pulling out the “deaf card” to get free or discounted entry into attractions – you get to save money!

6. When you discover a tour will provide sign language interpreters (The Harry Potter Studios London does that!).

7. Video guides in sign language are available at an attraction.

8. When there’s a major Deaf event happening, such as the Deaflympics – you go. No questions asked.

9. No matter where you go, the local Deaf community welcomes you with arms open.


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