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…and preparations begin!

by Sherrie

With 4 weeks left in Australia, I’ve started preparing for Europe. I popped into the local NAB branch and grabbed 2x Traveller Cards which operate on the MasterCard system, and locked them into the exchange rate which was decent at the time. It’s apparently taken a nosedive today, so I’m thanking my stars today!

Today, after catching the wrong bus, I popped into the nearest Citibank branch at Castle Towers and opened an account with them. I opted for their Plus Transaction account, as it has no fees AT ALL – and I wouldn’t be paying for fees out of my arse every time I withdraw money in Europe. If I decided to stick with my ANZ Visa Debit – imagine the fees coming out of my arse like there’s no tomorrow…!!!

I purchased the Flexi Standard ticket for the London Eye as a birthday present to myself – I’ll be going on my birthday, which will be my first full day in London! 

I feel like I have a million and one things to do… ugghh, but it’s all so exciting!

Oh and in my previous post, I mentioned that the Internet at home had given up the ghost – it got fixed as of an hour ago! Excited! I’ll be able to give this blog an overhaul with the new logo – just got to work out how it works on WordPress and whatnot!

29 days…and you’ll be hearing a lot from me from this point on 😉


S x

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