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by Sherrie

As I’m approaching the end of my holiday…and that’s a rather depressing thought…I shall be writing about my time in Paris, as I’m currently in London (since Sunday!).

Paris was amazing. I can see why so many people call it the City of Love. It’s absolutely beautiful.

My stay at Tingis Hotel was quite comfortable. I managed to get a friend who has a contact in France to call the hotel to notify them that I’d be arriving late. Upon checking in, I didn’t encounter any communication problems – as people have mentioned in their reviews on Booking.com. The manager was quite lovely, and I loved the room I stayed in. Very cute and I was glad to have some privacy at last – and most importantly, my own bathroom!

I met up with Stéphanie, a friend who lives in Paris and she showed me the gems and quirkiness of the city. We got lucky to see the 10pm light up of the Tour Eiffel – just a fluke! Such a beautiful sight. Stumbled across two markets across Paris. So many talented artists in the city!

Nutella crepes and maracons are a must try when you visit Paris!

I also met up with Julia and Pip – two Deaf Australians who went on a tour with Contiki – we both happened to be in the same city, hence the meet up. Did a spot of shopping on Champs Élysées – can finally say that I’ve done some shopping on a posh street 😉

People say that Paris is expensive. Yes it is, but it can be cheap if you’re sensible with your spending. Was surprised that I didn’t blow my budget!

I’ll be writing about my last few days in London as I wait for my flight at Heathrow.

Until next time,

S xo

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