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Changes…and more changes!

by Sherrie

There’s been a lot of changes happening here, as you can see.

Last week, we moved from wordpress.com to a self-hosted WordPress blog. I chose to go with GoDaddy (if you’ve been looking for a host, then GoDaddy is your guy! Use this referral code WOWisiw to get 35% off your order!) – they’ve been amazing so far, and I managed to get a fantastic web hosting deal as well.

I had isigniwander.com transferred – and after a couple of tweaking and mistakes, it’s finally working. A couple of WordPress installations until I made sure it was all working. Trying on a couple of new “dresses”, or rather themes,  until I found one I liked.

It’s an on-going learning experience, and I’m loving it so far. So much to learn. I am looking forward to taking ISIW to greener pastures online – and getting it out there.

There will be a new addition to ISIW – interviews! I’ll be choosing Deaf people to interview based on their travel experiences. If you’re interested in being interviewed, please email me at sherrie@isigniwander.com and we can sort something out 🙂 First interview coming up in the next few days – keep an eye on this space 😉

In the meantime, I’ve a new post in the works – should be up in the next couple of hours.

Let me know what you think of the changes – and if you have tips or suggestions, they’re welcome!

Peace out,

S x

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