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European Tweaks Part II

by Sherrie

You remember my European itinerary I posted the other week?

There’s been a couple of changes. I recently found out that my brother and his missus will be in Europe at the same time as me – we have arranged to meet up in Berlin, which is rather exciting! I think my Mum is excited at the thought of two of her kids reuniting in another country. A dream come true for her…maybe?

Anyways, I decided to have another look at what my original itinerary offered, and I realised I could save a few more bucks if I swapped Greece, Italy and Czech Republic for Serbia, Austria and Belgium.

I had a look at bus tickets…and I went ahead and booked a few! The prices were too good to miss out on!

Budapest, Hungary to Vienna, Austria for only ~$AUD15 with OrangeWays

Vienna, Austria to Munich, Germany for only ~$AUD24 with OrangeWays

Munich, Germany to Berlin, Germany for only ~$AUD42 with Berlin Linien Bus

I’ll need to book a bus ticket from Sofia, Bulgaria to Belgrade, Serbia when I get into Sofia, as it cannot be booked online. And then there’s train from Belgrade to Budapest to be booked too – will check again in May, as it’s not yet released.

I’m still researching on best and cheapest transport option from Berlin to Amsterdam, then Amsterdam to Brussels, then Brussels to Paris, then Paris to London. MegaBus doesn’t accept bookings until May, so I will be waiting until then. If you have any recommendations, please do let me know – it would be much appreciated.

I also decided to look for accommodation options. I found a really really sweet deal. I booked a bed at The Big Hostel in Belgrade, and guess what…it only cost me JUST under $AUD13…for TWO FREAKING NIGHTS!!!!! I pretty much creamed my pants when I found this sweet sweet deal. AND it’s a stones throw from Belgrade Zoo. Weeeiiioooo. Sorry, I’m just too excited!

I also booked a bed at the Rainbow Hostel (doesn’t seem to have a website, but can be booked on Booking.com) in Budapest, Hungary. Only $AUD25 for two nights.

Accommodation in other cities provided to be pretty much the same cost as here in Australia, so to save some money, I have put in a couple of requests on CouchSurfing so here’s hoping I can get a bed in Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Vienna, Munich and Berlin.

I reckon that’ll be all for now.

Until next time,

S x

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