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Off I go again…to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

by Sherrie

G’day from Malaysia!

It’s Friday night and I’m chilling out on my bed after another day of exploring the beautiful Kuala Lumpur.

I’m here with two close friends – Amineh & Haley – and it’s been amazing thus far. Heaps of laughs and gossiping, and most importantly, exploring new places together.

I flew from Sydney to Gold Coast on Tuesday morning since I had a 9.25am flight from Gold Coast to Singapore with Scoot.


The flight to Singapore was pretty much uneventful, although I got to catch up on my sleep, read a book, and talked to Amineh. We got into Singapore at 3.10pm their time, and we proceeded to go through immigration and pick up our luggage so we could check in for our Jetstar flight to Kuala Lumpur, which was scheduled to depart at 6pm.

We had an hour and half to kill before boarding so we grabbed some food from the 24 hour food area at Changi Airport.

By George, that airport is huge! I love how they have that train system connecting terminals – it makes things a lot easier for travellers, transport wise.

I initially thought we would land at KL LCCT, but we landed at KLIA and we were to meet Haley at LCCT. It took us about an hour to finally get out of the airport, since we had to take a train to another part of the airport to pick up our luggage and go through immigration! We caught a bus to LCCT which cost us RM2.50 (AUD0.83) and it took us 20 mins to get there.

We met up with Haley, and took a taxi to our hostel – Travellers Hub Guesthouse. We didn’t realise that the city centre was approximately an hour drive from the airport…! It started pouring down really heavily. The taxi driver had no idea where our hostel was located, although I told him that it was near China Town – not too far from the Petaling St Markets. We eventually found it, and finally checked into our room just before 10pm.

We were all knackered out, and I could say that we had a fairly good sleep.  Our beds were fairly comfortable, although Amineh’s mattress kept on digging a grave for her 😛 She said that her mattress grave could fit 3 people…!

20140324-110740.jpgWe spent our first full day exploring the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), and we were amazed by the Petronas Towers. Magnificent piece of architecture!!

20140324-111019.jpgSuria KLCC is a shopping centre targeted at shoppers who are well-off, just like what you would expect of Westfield Sydney on Pitt Street or Westfield Bondi Junction…if you get my drift! There’s two fantastic food courts – one Western, and the other one for Asian cuisine. Fantastic concept, if you say so!

I was constantly amazed at how there’s advertisements, posts and whatnot with #prayforMH370. It is largely evident how this event has affected Malaysia on a deeper level.


We were going to explore the large park behind the towers, but unfortunately it started raining cats and dogs…as you do in KL! We decided to head back to our hostel to have a nap and some downtime before grabbing dinner in Chinatown.

Reggae Bar was where we decided to have dinner. The atmosphere & vibe there was just AMAZING.  The prices are quite cheap for a good sized meal and drinks. I can definitely recommend this – especially for backpackers. I’m told that they also have a backpackers guesthouse, and it’s apparently pretty good.

Petaling Street Markets is fantastic for those who love markets & shopping. It gives out a relaxed atmosphere which is essential if you want an easy and comfortable shopping experience in Kuala Lumpur. I would highly recommend you to go at night time – it’s a lot more vibrant and you can also enjoy the beautiful lanterns hung up above.


Public transport in KL is relatively easy, yet very cheap! RapidKL is based on a monorail system, whereas the KTM Kommuter is similar to CityRail (or rather, Sydney Trains). I was surprised by being given a plastic coin thing in lieu of paper ticket for RapidKL.

We took the KTM Kommuter from Kuala Lumpur station (the closest to our hostel) to Batu Caves on our second day. Batu Caves is gorgeous! I would recommend spending at least an hour or two there, especially when the weather is good.


There’s a stall where you can get a henna done, and I got one done for RM10 (AUD$3.33). It’s now faded, but I loved the experience. While we were getting our hennas done, we met a taxi driver who has 3 Deaf children and is learning Malaysian Sign Language.




Amineh felt like a buffet dinner, so we Googled for a good buffet place. I found one at The Majestic Hotel – their restaurant called Contango. BY GEORGE IT’S FANCY. Probably the fanciest hotel I’ve ever visited! Contango’s buffet is to die for, although I can say that their dessert bar is just a-okay. It cost us RM98 (AUD$32.67) each, excluding GST and service charges, which came up to a total of RM113 (AUD$37.67). Not too bad, I would say – especially for a fancy-pants hotel! If I ate in a restaurant like Contango in Australia, it would have cost me a week’s wage…!

The buffet contained of both Asian and Western cuisines, which I loved. I’d say I preferred the Asian cuisine – having grown up on that particular cuisine, thanks to my mother’s upbringing in Malaysia.



My mother’s cousin – my second cousin – found out that I was in Kuala Lumpur, and asked if we wanted to meet up for lunch. We had been talking on Facebook for a couple of years, and had yet to meet. The opportunity was right there, so we went and met up for lunch. I can say that I’m awkward meeting family members I haven’t met yet, and I’m not so good when it comes to being affectionate. Hahaha. However, the lunch was lovely and her kids are adorable! I’ve promised to contact her when I visit KL again.

We headed to KLIA for dinner and to chill out for a bit before catching the last bus to the LCCT since we had a 6.50am flight to Siem Reap, Cambodia and check-in opened at 4am. To save costs on accommodation, we slept on the floor. Amineh and Haley weren’t big fans, and I can say that I had a better and comfortable experience sleeping at Heathrow. Hopefully when LCCT undergoes an upgrade to become KLIA2, it will give travellers a better experience.

Next up, Siem Reap!

Peace out,

S xo



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Webgrrlॐ (@webgrrlbiz) March 25, 2014 - 3:10 pm

awesome!! re: early morning flights, when i travel in SEAsia these days, i totally recommend getting a room at the TUNE Hotels – you can get it at great price if you book awhile ahead (weeks-month) ~ its right at the airport (15mins walk to KLCC) or i took the shuttle for $1 MYR ~ http://www.tunehotels.com/my/en/home/


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