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Guten Tag, Freunde!

by Sherrie

I just realised I haven’t updated this blog since I was in Budapest. Whoops.

I’m currently in Berlin, Germany and by George, it’s an amazing city. So much diversity. I could actually live here – if I was reasonably fluent in German. Overall, Germany is a beautiful country and its amazing to be where my paternal ancestors originated and left some 100 odd years ago for a better life in Australia.

Prior to Berlin, I spent two nights in Munich. I love that city, although I can honestly say that I’d choose Berlin over it 😉 Although, Munich has fantastic atmosphere and the hostel I stayed at – The Tent Munich – exceeded my expectations. Freaking fantastic hostel with an unique concept. I was allocated a bed in a giant white tent which consisted bunk beds for 100 people. There’s also another large white tent for those who want to sleep on the floor, and an area for those who bring their own tents. It’s kinda like a hippie commune. I would highly recommend it – the atmosphere there is beyond amazing and you are bound to find people from every walk of life there, even kids! Staff there are very accommodating and friendly and there’s a cafe where you can purchase meals at really cheap prices. I got a decent sized breakfast there for only 2.60€.
I explored Munich City, otherwise known as Marienplatz. Beautiful. Fantastic cafes, shops and the like. I got to try some currywurst for the first time and I reckon I could live off it for the rest of my life! I’ll need to find a place that sells currywurst in Sydney and I’ll be set 😉

Vienna is beautiful, yet expensive. I didn’t feel like I actually connected with the city – I’ll need to go back there to explore more and the outskirts of Vienna. However, I would love to check out Salzberg – my bus went through it enroute to Munich and I was amazed by its beauty.

I travelled to Vienna and Munich with OrangeWays, a Hungarian bus company. Their prices are unbelievably cheap and I read reviews online. To be honest, I was worried that both of my buses wouldn’t turn up or be cancelled. The Budapest – Vienna bus was on time, although the Vienna – Munich bus was some 20 minutes late. Both bus trips were quite comfortable – no dramas.

Munich – Berlin trip was done with the BerlinLinienBus. Fantastic company and the bus was a double decker – I grabbed a seat with awesome views. Bloody comfortable, and there’s an power outlet if you want to charge your mobile phones, tablets and laptop during the trip. The announcement were done by the PA system – I’d have liked it if they did the announcements textually using their TVs. I’m heading to Amsterdam this evening with the same company.

Berlin. This city has stolen my heart and I’ve decided that it will be the hub for my next European adventure. So much history, art and culture. It’s quite hard to believe how long Berlin has come since the days of the World War II. I also got to do a 2KM walk along the remaining section of the Berlin Wall. The population here is very diverse and everyone is so accepting of everyone else. It’s like we’re all humans, regardless of race, gender, ability etc.

I learnt of a large rally organised by the Deaf community in Germany to protest for German Sign Language to be recognised as a human right for Deaf Germans by the Government. The rally occurred on 14th June 2013, and Deaf people came to Berlin from ALL OVER THE COUNTRY! Approximately 12,000 Deaf people got together to fight for their sign language to be recognised as a human right so more interpreters can be provided in public and private sectors, to be adopted in education – where sign language is needed, should be provided. That’s the kind of activism I would LOVE to see back at home. I’ll have to Google for articles on this rally when I’m back at home – someone send me a reminder!

Now that I’ve been in Europe for 5 weeks – the longest I’ve been away from home – I’ve made a major decision based on my studies. Currently, I’m enrolled in Master of Policy and Applied Social Research at Macquarie University. My heart lies in anthropology, so I’ve decided to change to Master of Applied Anthropology, yet staying at Macquarie. I’m actually feeling excited and positive about this – although I’ll have apply again through UAC when I get back home.

I wasn’t successful with the interview for a graduate job with the Australian Electoral Commission in Canberra, although I’m not too bothered about it as I know there will be something better waiting for me 😉

Next update from Amsterdam!

Love all around,

S xo

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