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Hungary for Budapest!

by Sherrie

Hi from Budapest!

I’m sweating shitloads and it’s only 12.16pm – supposed to hit 38 degrees today. Yuck.

Budapest is such a beautiful city – such an European city. Huge difference to Sofia.

Speaking of Sofia – I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Bulgaria and I’ve met SO many new people! Deaflympics was fantastic – and I’m already looking forward to the 2017 Deaflympics in Turkey! Cheers to new & lifelong friendships created! The spirit of the Deaf community is absolutely amazing on an international level.

I left Sofia on Monday morning and caught a bus. My ticket confused the hell out of me – it said I was Budapest bound. The bus driver had it on his list that I was Belgrade bound. I originally planned on staying in Belgrade for two nights but I decided to cut it short, as I sustained an ankle sprain which caused it to swell up. How did it happen, you ask? The bus stopped at a restaurant approximately an hour before Belgrade, and I lost my footing while getting off the bus, thus causing me to twist my ankle and fall. How clumsy of me! Thought it would be better to stay a night in Belgrade then head straight to Budapest so I could rest up my ankle for some proper exploring. Best decision, and my ankle is healing really well. I’ve been taking it easy. My throat is another story – it’s dry. Stupid hot weather. I’ve been consuming shitloads of water to keep it moist.

I’ve discovered that pulling the “deaf card” is hugely beneficial in Europe. I got into the Hungarian National Museum and the Jewish Museum for free. Both museums are worth the visit – so much history!

Today’s my last day in Budapest and I’m visiting the Danube this afternoon. Oh and sample some more Hungarian food. Yum!

The Tripadvisor’s offline city maps app is amazing – every traveller should have this.

Off to Vienna, Austria tomorrow!

S xo

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