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I need to…

by Sherrie

…shave my legs, yet I cannot be arsed – let alone looking for a shop to get a razor. I think I’ll leave them hairy until I’m back in Australia. The life of a traveller, right? 😉

I’m currently in Brussels, Belgium – and it’s an awesome city from what I’ve seen so far. Wish I could spend more time here, but I’m Paris bound this afternoon.

I spent 5 days in Amsterdam. While the city is awesome, I thought 5 days was a little too much but it was good to unwind for a bit and to take my time exploring. Amsterdam is a quirky city – you name it and it’ll probably have it or be legal.
I visited 3 museums – Torture Museum (that was creepy as I kept thinking the wax statues would jump out and scare the crap out of me, and the dude who gave me the ticket said that he loved me. Lol amusing.), Sex Museum (that was quite interesting to see how the concept of sex and pornography has evolved over the years, and how different cultures view sex) and lastly the Anne Frank House. The latter was worth the long ass queue and the 9€. So glad I got to see where Anne and her family hid for 3 years. The annexe was quite small and the stairs were quite steep. It also felt compelling to be in her shoes – very authentic too.
The food in Amsterdam is amazing. I’ve fallen in love with Febo – a fast food outlet where you can purchase hot burgers or other stuff through vending machines. YUM! Thanks Rosanna for recommending it to me – I’ll miss it. Stroopwafels – holy mother of god – that stuff is like crack. Two thin waffles stuck together with caramel. Food orgasm, yep.
I had my first Couchsurfing experience in Amsterdam – my host was quite lovely and he gave me the small spare room to sleep in, which I appreciated after having no privacy for a couple of weeks. I can definitely recommend Couchsurfing – it’ll also save you shitloads on accommodation costs.

I booked a room at Tingis Hotel in Paris and I was astounded to discover that they didn’t have an email address so I could notify them that I’d be arriving after their check-in time closes. First thought was: “is this hotel still in the dark ages…???”. Thank god for Facebook, as a friend found a friend who lives in France and offered to call the hotel for me.
I’m still in disbelief at how a hotel does not have an email address…it’s the 21st century for Pete’s sake! I’ll be making a complaint, that’s for sure!

Paris until Saturday then back to London for a few days before heading back to Australia.

Sad face.

Until next update!

S xo

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