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ISIW Interview #3 – Willos Callaghan

by Sherrie

Willos Callaghan is a Deaf man who has discovered his talent for ocean and landscape photography. I am a HUGE fan of his work, hence my choosing him to be the third lucky interviewee in ISIW’s interview series.

His tools are: GoPro Hero3+ (Black) and Canon 5D MKIII. He’s new to photography, only having started late last year but his skills and talent have developed so much in short time, and he devotes his spare time to capturing the beauty of bodyboarding, the waves and the tranquility of the beach and the ocean. His photos beautifully captures his passion for the ocean.

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Tell me a bit about yourself.

Let me introduce myself, My name is Willos Callaghan, I come from a deaf family background and grew up in Campbelltown, NSW. My family always had Christmas gatherings at Wollongong beach every year. It’s a 50 minutes drive from where I grew up so we didn’t get to go to the beach everyday and so you can see why Christmas was one of my favourite days haha. When I was 11 my family decided to move to Tweed Heads for new life and better weather. It was a dream come true for me. It was now only a15 minutes drive to one of the most popular beaches in Australia. That is where it all started. I am currently living right next to one of the most beautiful beaches on the Gold Coast!

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Have you ever travelled? (Domestic or international)

I’ve only travelled the Eastern side of Australia. (Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Canberra).

I’ve been to many different beaches, probably thousands and thousands. Many of them are secret spots. Every one of them always makes me feel excited to see what I can discover there!

I photograph in the water, ride the waves, bodysurf, even if I forget my board shorts then underwear will do, as long as I get to go in the saltwater.

Do I want to travel the world and find their finest beaches? Yes absolutely!! Next year I’m planning to go backpacking around Europe, United Kingdom and Asia with my partner (Hilary) and hopefully to find some secret surf spots if I’m lucky enough to get a few local peoples knowledge. My top three list of places to visit, surf, and photograph sunny paradise Islands and their clarity are Tahiti, Indonesia and Hawaii of course! Oh I would love to meet their marine life underwater too!!

How has photography changed you?

This is a bloody hard question!

Before I got my first gopro camera as a gift from my partner I always wanted one.  I wanted to capture footage of bodyboard riding in barrels and doing tricks. And then one day the water was too calm to be able to catch any waves, so I want out there with just my gopro and I fell in love. I had found my passion.

The ocean is such a magnificent creature yet so peaceful and relaxing. It’s an addiction, the whole world disappears for me when I’m inside a wave.

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Do you have tips for those who are considering taking up photography?

They just gotta do what they love doing. If you are interested in photography then you will be able to remember all the things you have learned. It’s not easy, the best way to learn is to just try it yourself and more importantly to have fun!!

Remember anyone can just pick up a camera, point it at something and shoot. But only a true photographer will produce Photography.

What do you hope to achieve out of your photography?

I want to travel the world, visiting each unique beach and seeing a wider variety of marine life. I’d also love to be featured in surf magazines, I’d love to become a well known photographer for the ocean. I want people to link my name to my photos and not to my face. I want my artworks famous. And make my mum proud!

Where would you like to travel to, and why?

Tahiti has always been on the top of my list. If you google “Tahiti” I can guarantee you will be amazed!! Tahiti is a green island and has a huge volcano on it. Imagine a barrel photo with a beautiful natural green volcano in the background!! The water around the island full of coral. Tahiti is a world third country but from what I have heard the people are very friendly and welcoming. All of the things I just mentioned makes me think that Tahiti would be an absolutely amazing place to photograph at.

Oh and Teahupoo of course!

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Willos’ work can be found on:

Facebook – Willos Ocean Photography

Instagram – willosoceanpics

Go and follow him – you’ll constantly be in awe of his photography!

Thanks Willos for participating – it’s been an absolute pleasure, and I really hope that you do achieve your dream of travelling all over the world and capturing the beauty of oceans all over and various beaches.

And again, thank you Willos for providing photos for this interview! They’re absolutely amazing.

Keep on surfin’


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