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One week down

by Sherrie

I’ve been in England for a week already, and I’m loving it here!

I spent the majority of the week exploring London – and I still haven’t finished!! My first full day in London was my birthday – couldn’t have had a better one than that!! It was an surreal experience turning 28 in another country and time zone – would have been the longest birthday I’ve had!!

The public transport system – the Underground and Overground – is AMAZING and so effective. No big deal if you miss a train, there’s the next one within 2-5 minutes. Amazing. The only time I’ve had to wait forever for a train here was the Brighton train. The Oyster card system is awesome – actually cheaper than buying paper tickets everyday, and also effective if you don’t have an idea how to work the ticket machines here, or if you’re in a rush. Another thing about the Underground I liked was that they have text announcements in every carriage and it even tells you that it’ll be delayed and the reason why. Why can’t CityRail do the same for announcements for delays and that???

So far in London, I’ve seen:

The London Eye – I went on it on my first day. It was awesome, although I wouldn’t go back on it. Always good for an once in a lifetime experience.
Big Ben – it’s more beautiful when you actually see it in person rather than in photos.
House of Parliament.
Piccadilly Circus – the atmosphere there is amazing!!!
Leicester Square – I saw it when it was getting ready for the premiere of Wolverine.
Trafalgar Square – beautiful, with the National Museum opposite it.
British Museum – OMG it’s HUGE. I need to go back there again soon to finish exploring. They provide BSL digital guides – will be checking it out on my next visit.
Covent Gardens – fantastic area for drinks, food and people watching. So much happening. Markets there are fantastic.
Buckingham Palace – crowds there are crazy during the 11am change of guards. Saw media camped out for the birth of William and Kate’s baby. Crazy.
Hyde Park – that park is freaking huge. Would have loved to sit down and read a book in the sun.
Harrods – fancy and expensive, although their Food Hall prices are quite reasonable. Worth a good explore though – but you have to carry your backpack by hand and make sure that you’re dressed reasonably. Apparently they don’t let people in if they’re wearing ripped jeans and the like. I love their themed floors – liked the Egyptian theme the best.
South Bank – amazing place and so much happening there.
Borough Markets – more amazing markets and the food there is to die for!
London Bridge – one of the most beautiful bridges I’ve ever seen.

I might have missed some – I can’t think of anymore right now.

On Saturday, Kylie and I went to the Warner Bros: The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour. We were there from 9.30am to around 3pm. It was worth every minute and I absolutely loved it. It was like heaven for me, and I’ve never taken so many photos in a couple of hours before – I actually had to use my iPad when my iPhone battery was running low. It’s absolutely amazing. I would definitely go back. I also got the chance to try the Butterbeer, which was delicious! Tasted like passionfruit soda with ice cream and a dash of butterscotch. I’d live off it if I could. Apparently only two places sell it – the London tour and the theme park in Florida. Warner Bros booked two BSL interpreters for the tour, as it turns out that a large group of deaf people were on the same tour as us. The interpreters did an amazing job – turns out they regularly interpret there, so in my eyes, they’re accredited Hogwarts interpreters! I’m sure Nicole would be jealous đŸ˜‰ If you like Harry Potter, then I strongly suggest you to put it on your bucket list. Next Harry Potter mission: to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in either Florida or Japan (it opens next year sometime).

I’ve been in Burgess Hill, West Sussex since Saturday evening, visiting my grandparents and the family. It’s been awesome to see my grandparents again and to finally meet my uncle and his family. The best bit about it was inspiring my cousins to learn BSL! Grandparents took me to a beautiful pub out in Arundel, called The Black Rabbit. It has picturesque views with the Arundel Castle in the background. Fantastic food there too.
I also loved seeing the house where my mother grew up in , and I even slept in her old room. I’m visiting Brighton today – one of my mums old stomping grounds.

Until next time!

S xo

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