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Packing as a Deaf Traveller

by Sherrie

Disclaimer: I received compensation in exchange for writing this post. Although this post is sponsored, all thoughts are my own.

I’ve packed for numerous trips, yet I still suck at packing.

I pretty much roll up my clothes and shove everything into my travel backpack. It becomes a huge mess not long after my trip starts, thus forcing myself to take everything out if I wanted to find a specific shirt to wear for a day trip to the museums.

What’s different about packing as a Deaf traveller, you ask?

If you wear hearing aids or cochlear implants, you cannot forget the batteries! Imagine running out of hearing aid batteries in middle of Cambodia, and realising you forgot to stock up before leaving home…


Some countries might not have hearing aid batteries in supply, so I suggest you to stock up before leaving home. As I am a client of Australian Hearing, I was able to walk into the local clinic and ask for 5 weeks worth of hearing aid batteries at no extra cost.



Also, when you pack your batteries – they’re to go into your carry-on bag, not your suitcase/backpack that will be going into the luggage hold on the plane.

I learnt from my mistake when my friend and I were checking in for our MEL-NYC flight, and the lovely Qantas lady asked us if we had any batteries.

Qantas: Are you carrying any batteries?

Me: No.

Qantas: Oh good.

Me: …

Qantas: …


Qantas: *looks at me sternly* Where are they?

Me: In my bag over there.

Qantas: Get over here and get them out. Now.

Me: *scoots into the check-in area, unzips my bag, and grab hearing aid batteries out of the bag*

Qantas: Is that all of them?

Me: Yep. 

Friend: OH SHIT.

Qantas: You too?! Go and get them out!

Us: *sheepishly* Sorry!

Qantas: All good. 

If you have any other accessories for your hearing aids/cochlear implants, pack these too. Into your carry-on bag 😉

As a Deaf traveller, I cannot travel without technology – that means my beloved iPhone, GoPro, Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, and sometimes my MacBook Air (where necessary). We still need to keep in touch with our loved ones, take 7356437 selfies, and keep ourselves occupied with a TV series or a book on an 9 hour bus trip – and that’s where our devices come in.

They need to be charged at times, so we need to bring USB charging cables and power adapters. But how does one keep these neatly packed? PACKING CUBES! These nifty packing cubes are nothing short of BRILLIANT. I had some for my Europe trip, and they kept my chargers and devices neatly packed. They’ll also be able to keep your hearing aid/cochlear implant accessories and batteries neatly packed, too.

However, I didn’t realise that they could also be used for packing clothes into neat piles AND separately…without having to take everything out to find that specific shirt or a pair of clean undies. Yeah, yeah… I’ve been living under a rock the whole time 😉

I was amazed at how neat my friend’s bag looked when she re-packed it, ready for our flight home from Los Angeles. I vowed to myself to purchase some for my next trip…little did I know I would be booking my next trip three weeks after getting home from the US. Luggage Direct has an impressive collection of packing cubes available to purchase, and I was delighted to discover that they stock Eagle Creek luggage & accessories (thanks Jetstar for introducing me to the brand – that’s yet another story!).

Truth be told, there isn’t much difference in packing as a deaf or hearing traveller; just some extra accessories. It’s not like you’d be packing your sign language interpreter…! 😉

I do wish I was as magical as Hermione Granger so I could pack effortlessly, but alas, these magical packing cubes will have to do for now…after all, I’m only a Muggle 😛

Yours in packing,

S x

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