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Perth: An Underrated City.

by Sherrie


I was lucky to grab a return flight from Sydney to Perth for only $150 (excluding credit care surcharges) with Tigerair when they had their Boxing Day sales on.

$150 return…why the hell not, and I was way overdue for a visit, after my first time in 2011.

I flew out on the 12th June and flew back on the 16th June – although, I don’t think I’ll catching a 2AM flight again 😉 Tigerair was fantastic – both flights arriving early, and the onboard service was flawless. They’ve had their bad times, but I haven’t had any issues with them.

I was lucky enough to embrace Perth’s beautiful and sunny winter days, although it got a bit chilly at night.

The weekend was filled with food. Perth has SO much to offer for Foodies – it’s quickly catching onto the foodie culture, which is fantastic.

I stayed with my close friends, Marie and Tom, who were fantastic hosts and took me to places in Perth. Thank you guys!

Friday night, we dined at The Classroom – an unique cocktail restaurant in North Perth. I loved the atmosphere, and the venue had all things from school, which made me think back on my school days. It’s bloody amazing, and a must visit.

The menu there was beyond impressive, and by George, they were DELICIOUS!! We had: a bowl of hand-cut chips with aioli sauce, guilt-free sausage rolls (contains pumpkin, kumara, kale & feta with tomato kasoundi), tiger prawn tacos with fresh tomato and avocado salsa, and pulled pork with apple slaw and onion cider rings. My absolute favourite was the guilt-free sausage rolls. I’m salivating as I type this… I would go back there in a heartbeat! It’s popular and does get crowded on Friday and Saturday nights, but it’s worth a visit when you’re in Perth.


Marie and Tom took me to a popular breakfast spot called The Beaufort Street Merchant. It’s located on Beaufort Street, which is well-known for its cafes and shops. They do an amazing chai latte – so amazing that I had two cups! I ordered Breakfast Bagel, and it was just beautiful. This place has a fantastic atmosphere, and their staff are very friendly. I would definitely recommend this cute restaurant for breakfast, although their lunch and dinner menus do look amazing!


We went to Clifton Lake, where it’s well-known for thrombolites. Absolutely gorgeous, and rather educational, as I did not know about thrombolites until Lake Clifton! They look like rocks, but are formations built by micro-organisms, and they require water to survive. They’re at least 2000 years old, although directly descended from earliest known life forms on Earth.




The thrombolites are protected by the boardwalk, as you can see in the photo above because people unfortunately thought they were stepping stones, hence the boardwalk being built to protect them.

I would recommend visiting Lake Clifton – it’s gorgeous and approximately an hours drive south from Perth.

We stopped at Mandurah, the second-largest city in Western Australia. Such a beautiful city with plenty to do, and only 75 kilometres south of Perth. Lunch was had at Cicerellos, where they proclaim to have the best fish and chips in Perth…if not all over Western Australia! I’m not a big fan of coleslaw, but I can say that Cicerellos have the BEST coleslaw in all of Australia!

Quick stop at Cottesloe Beach for icecream, and a short walk down the beach. Gorgeous.



I visited Kings Park – the biggest park in Australia, and it’s apparently bigger than the Central Park in New York City! I love this park – perfect setting for a picnic with a loved one or family/friends. From there, you have an amazing view of Perth city and the Swan River.

Perth didn’t fail to impress me – and I am already thinking of going back for a longer stay in the summer, and also to explore more of Western Australia.

Oh a quick mention of thanks to Brooke, Shane and Lebron for their wonderful pizzas! 😉

I’ll be back soon, Perth 😉

S xo

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