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Sing a Pore!

by Sherrie



I tried to think up of a witty title for this post, and I lamely came up with Sing A Pore. Better than a boring title, right? đŸ˜‰

We caught a train from Butterworth to Singapore – there was 6 seats left in the economy class so I had to book 3 seats…fast. The WiFi at our accommodation in Penang was giving me the shits, but I managed to get 3 seats – only for a total of $60! Cheap.

If you’re considering catching a train from anywhere in Malaysia to Singapore, I would suggest for you to book at least a week or few days in advance – book here, but you have to register first.

The train left Butterworth at 8AM, and we got into Singapore just after 10.30PM. The train trip was quite uneventful, although when it stopped at Johor – the final stop in Malaysia – we had to get off to go through Immigration with our luggage, then get back on the train so we could go towards Singapore – Woodlands station.

We were prepared for how expensive Singapore would be…but to our surprise, the taxi from Woodlands to our hostel – The Hive – was quite cheap! Only $SG22.

The Hive Backpackers is an excellent hostel, although its prices are pretty much on par with hostels in Australia. We stayed in their 12 bed dorm, which had an interesting mix of people. Their bathrooms/showers are alright – it uses the same hot water system as you would find in a London flat. You know that little box you find next to the shower head? Yeah, that. I first used it in London, and it was SO confusing! It still confuses me to no end.

Singapore is a fantastic place for foodies – there’s so many places you could eat at. Our favourite was Real Food – The Central, which is an organic cafe and offers healthy meals – either vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or dairy free. Their meals are amazing and delicious. Prices are on par with other organic & healthy cafes here in Australia, if not a tad cheaper.


We ate at an Indian restaurant in Little Italy, and it was quite cheap. I forgot to take photos, but the service there was fantastic…although I don’t think they were too impressed when I ordered too much food and didn’t eat it all. Whoops.

Little India at night-time was rather overwhelming. I had never seen SO many males in one place, and it did make me feel quite uneasy. I’m not used to being around thousands of males in one place…guess that’s something I will have to get used to when and if I do visit India someday.

We visited Universal Studios Singapore – only SG$70 from memory. It’s a pretty cool theme park, although there wasn’t many rides. My favourite ride would have to be the Transformers 4D … or was it 3D? Whatever. It was awesome!

Ferrying around Singapore is recommended, as you take in some awesome sights. Marina Bay Sands is pretty cool, although we didn’t visit the hotel. Next time, as I would love to swim in their skyroof infinity pool!


Clarke Quay is a fantastic place for foodies – although due to a limited budget, we didn’t eat there. So many restaurants – a bit like Lygon Street in Melbourne, but heaps awesomer.

The MRT system in Singapore is really easy to use, and you can get a MRT card to use for a whole day and it allows you to recharge it for each trip you take in a day. And it’s rather cheap too!

Singapore Changi Airport is HUGE. And SO much to do there. The WiFi there is fantastic, although you need to register with your mobile number or you can pick up login details from a service desk at the airport. There’s an entertainment hub where you can play games, watch movies, charge your electronic devices and just hang out. There’s also a transit hotel where you can catch a nap and/or have a shower to refresh yourself. Lots of food options there too – we dined at Swensens before checking in.

Singapore is gorgeous – and VERY clean! I would definitely come back, especially with a bigger budget and more time.

And now that ties up Southeast Asia 2014!

Peace out,

S x

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