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Smartphone apps for travelling

by Sherrie

We’re in an era of smartphones and apps…and they’re extremely useful for travelling!

This blog post will be dedicated to useful travel-related apps I used in Europe.

Xe.com has an app for all smartphone platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry), and it comes in very useful when you want to convert currency rates. It allows you to list a maximum of 10 currencies. I found this to be useful whilst in Europe where I had access to British Pounds, Euros, Hungarian Forints, Serbian dinars and Bulgarian levs.  A must have app for all travellers.

My favourite accoomodation booking website – Booking.com – also has an app! I found this to be extremely useful for booking last minute accommodation while on the go, and it also has the capability of adding your booking to the Passbook app for iPhone and iPads. The app is also available for Android, Windows 8, and they have a mobile optimized website for other smartphones. Every traveller should have this – you are bound to find cheap accommodation at the last minute!

Couchsurfing has an app which also came in very handy for making contact with couchsurfing hosts and finding somewhere to sleep while on the move. Available for iOS and Android. Highly recommended for budget travellers.

Hostelworld.com has an app, where you can find cheap accommodation and is more suited to budget-conscious travellers, although you will have to make a small depoist to secure your booking at a hostel. Available for iOS and Android devices.

Skyscanner – I use this to search for cheap flights, and their app is fantastic. It allows you to search for flights in multiple tabs, and also pinpoints your location so it can pick your nearest airport. Available for iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry.

Google Maps – I used this to get directions, public transport information and to show taxi drivers where I wanted to go. I found this to be extremely useful for public transport where I am not familiar with their timetables and routes. Google Maps also works offline by pinpointing your location, although you will need to be connected to WiFi to use the app to its fullest potential. Available for iOS and Android.

Whatsapp – This will save you money on international messaging costs and only needs 3G or WiFi to be able to send messages, although I would recommend for you to put your phone on flight mode so you don’t accumulate international roaming costs, or to get a SIM card for the country you will be in for the most of the time (in my case, I got an UK sim card, which helped heaps). This app is available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows. It is free to download, and also free for the first year for new users then it’s $1 per year afterwards. Worth it, especially when you are travelling.

WordPress – As you can see that ISIW is powered by the wonderful WordPress, I used their app for iOS to update the blog while on the move. Without this app, it would have been a headache searching for a computer or using the WP site on Safari. This app has been wonderful, and allows me to do the exactly same thing as I would do on my Macbook. Absolutely beautiful. It also works for self-hosted WP blogs. Available for multiple smartphone platforms. Highly recommended for all bloggers.

Instagram – My iPhone was the only camera I used in Europe, and it allowed me to upload photos to Instagram, which I can instantly share with my followers. It also allows you to add filters and frames to your photos. Available for iOS and Android.

Facebook – I used this to keep in touch with my family and friends, and also to upload photos of my trip. Very handy when you need to get in contact people who do not have Whatsapp.

Is there any app/s you would like to recommend for travellers?


S x

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