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    by Sherrie

    …a quaint and unique Malaysian city.

    I absolutely love Penang, especially how I have a personal connection to it.

    It’s where my mother was born and raised. It’s where my parents met, and where I was conceived.

    After spending 24 hours on the train from Bangkok, we embarked at Butterworth – Penang’s main train station and caught a ferry to the island. The ferry only cost us RM1.20 (AUD$0.40) and was a 20 minute ride.

    We then took a taxi to our accommodation – Red Inn Heritage, a hostel on Love Lane. We were able to grab a bed for AUD$4 each per night…but it turned out to be a terrible decision. Worst hostel I’ve ever stayed in, although the staff there were lovely. Bed bugs everywhere – we kept on waking up at 2-3AM every night to apply insect repellant. The bathroom was filthy and the showers were just…weird. There were proper shower heads, but they weren’t connected to the water mains…so instead, there were weird water shooters thingies – I don’t know how to explain this one – which shoots water right out of the wall. I can honestly say that this was the most weirdest shower I’ve ever had.

    Love Lane is where most hostels are in Penang – and a very popular spot for backpackers. It’s right in the heart of George Town, otherwise known to locals as Penang.

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