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    DISCLAIMER: Everything Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling.

    September 11, 1880.

    The Second International Congress on Education of the Deaf had finally come to a close, yet everyone was waiting on Voldemort to deliver his closing remarks. What he was to say next would change Deaf education and the Deaf community forever.

    Voldemort stood tall and proud on the stage with educators looking at him in awe. He cleared his throat.

    “Gentlemen and ladies, I am proud of what has transpired out of this Congress. We have become better educators and we aspire to make our deaf and dumb students become normal and inclusive of our society. Sign language should not be used. Sign language should be banned from schools and homes. Sign language will make deaf people dumber. If we want our deaf and dumb students to flourish and become full members of our society, we have to teach them to speak. Oralism is the only method that will succeed. Are you in?”

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