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    Why NDIS will be beneficial

    by Sherrie

    I’ve been reading about how fellow bloggers across Australia are excited about the upcoming #PBEVENT this weekend. It’s hosted by ProBlogger and will be providing workshops for blogging in all aspects, and will be held in Gold Coast.

    I really wish I was able to attend, but alas, I cannot.

    I found out too late about it, of course….and well, funds.

    However, there is a much bigger issue that would have stopped me from attending…their ability to provide Auslan interpreters. Most blogging conferences/workshops/seminars usually do not have a small budget put aside for accessibility such as the costs of sign language interpreters.

    Without interpreters available, I would not go. I deserve access to all information in my preferred language, and that is Auslan.

    Sign language interpreters are expensive, and for a whole weekend like the #PBEVENT, it would have cost them well over $2,000. The hourly rate for an Auslan interpreter is approximately $110 at the moment, although it varies in each State/Territory.

    I don’t have spare $2,000+…and most organisers do not either.

    This is where NDIS comes in.

    If I could access to NDIS right now, I would have been going to conferences/workshops/seminars and whatnot, and I could have organised interpreters myself and paid for it.

    But alas, NDIS is not available nationally until 2019 at the latest. That’s a while away yet…and in the meantime, if I do learn of more blogging conferences/seminars/workshops/whatnot then I would have to contact the organisers to see if Auslan interpreters would be provided.

    NDIS should have started AGES ago.

    Carly Findlay, a fellow blogger with a disability, has kindly offered to live tweet throughout the weekend, and she will also be posting a summary of the said event, so I am incredibly grateful for her. Thank you Carly, and I look forward to your tweets!

    All in all, someday I hope to be able to attend a ProBlogger event, and other blogger conferences and what not! For now, I’m learning more and more about blogging, especially on how to grow I Sign. I Wander. through this wonderful Facebook group – Aussie Bloggers. It’s a smorgasbord of information, and so many bloggers help each other out which is just incredible. I’ve never felt so welcome 🙂

    Yours in blogging,

    S x

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