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Time is a tease

by Sherrie

With only 5 days left until I embark on my European adventure, I feel like time is teasing me. 

I bought my return ticket 9 months ago, and I feel like a pregnant woman awaiting for the arrival of my baby. Good analogy right there, eh?

I’m now on annual leave, and it’s rather liberating…but how will I be able to keep myself occupied until Saturday?! I have a prior arrangement on Saturday night with friends – we will be seeing a performance by Adam Hills at Enmore Theatre. It’ll be awesome. I am so ready for shitloads of laughter, fun, friends and generally a good time. My last hurrah in Australia until September. In the meantime, I’ve got to finish packing, sorting out clothes, do laundry, and get my shit together. I aim to have everything completed by Friday night, so I can get a bit of a sleep in on Saturday morning before leaving the house.

I am so ready to get on that plane. 

Next update will be from Seoul/Incheon, South Korea!

Until then,

S x

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