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Trip Wrapped

by Sherrie

Wow. What an adventure.

I’ve been home for less than 48 hours, and this jetlag business REALLY sucks. I’m currently sitting out on the balcony, lapping up the glorious spring weather Sydney is sporting right now. I recently went for a stroll…and ended up shopping. At least I got some precious Vitamin D in me, right…??

It is quite nice to be typing here on a proper keyboard, after using my iPhone and iPad for 7 weeks. I’ve taken Norbert (that’s the name of my MacBook Pro if you were wondering) for granted.

Anyways, to wrap up my European adventure. Overall, it has exceeded my expectations.

I spent the last 5 days of my trip in London – catching up with friends – old and new, partaking in some much needed retail therapy at Camden Town and just enjoying the magic that is London.

Camden Town – by George (irony how the royal baby is named George…and I’ve taken on British slangs), how I love that place! Amazing markets, food, vibe/atmosphere. I would go there every weekend if I could, but alas, I’m back in Sydney…is there anywhere I could go that has a close resemblance to Camden Town…?? Preferably accessible by public transport 😉

I got a helix piercing while I was at Camden Town. It’s pretty awesome, and I like it. It hurt when Caesar (the piercer) put the long arsed needle through the ear cartilage. A week on, and it’s healing pretty well. Doesn’t hurt so much now, only when I accidentally slam something on it. I have to wait 4 months until I can change the piercing. I’m looking forward to dressing up my ear 😉

London is just magical, especially when it prepares for night. Lights turning on in streets, buildings and around tourist attractions. Sun setting right in front of Big Ben. Sunset stroll on the Thames. I finally lost my Wagamana virginity, thanks to the lovely Janelle. One of the best damn meals I’ve had…amongst many others I had during my trip.

Open captioned cinema sessions are now rare as a hens teeth in Australia…and I was stoked to watch the latest Superman movie with open captions at Odeon Cinemas in Leicester Square. So good to relax and watch with friends, without the Captiview (or as others have called it fondly…Craptiview). I haven’t actually used that thing myself before, but I’ve been in a situation when I went to the cinemas on George St with friends to watch the last Harry Potter movie, and the Captiview system was down that night…!!

On my last day in London, I went to Madame Tussaud’s with Julia and Pip. I quite enjoyed it and was worth the 2 hour waiting time. They had a section where horror characters came to life, and we had to walk through in complete dark. I laughed and screamed my way through, although Julia screamed more than I did. Hilarious. The 4D Marvel Superheroes movie was awesome – it felt quite realistic!

As some of you may have seen my Facebook status from this morning, but I’m going to repeat for those who do not have my Facebook. This trip has changed my life for the better, and from this point on, I hope to become a better person than I was 7 weeks ago.

I’m glad to be home now – especially that I’m excited to get my life back on track and look forward to enjoying life. I am more than blessed to call Australia my home. You can take this girl out of Australia, but you cannot take Australia out of this girl 😉

Now that I’m home, it does not mean that I will stop posting in this blog. I’m planning on posting detailed reviews about places I stayed at and visited over the last 7 weeks, especially that if you plan on going to Europe in the near future, I hope that my reviews and whatnot will at least help with your travel planning. I also plan on doing a long post about doing Europe on a shoestring budget within the next few weeks, so keep an eye on this space! 😉


S xo

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