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Tucker Max: I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell

by Sherrie

I’m currently killing time at Melbourne airport for my 6PM flight back to Sydney, and I’m taking advantage of the free WiFi provided by Qantas Lounge (Thanks Qantas!).

I just finished I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. It certainly was an interesting, yet hilarious read. It’s non-fiction if you were wondering. Tucker writes about all sorts of shit he’s gotten up to in the lead up to this book. The book is written from a male perspective, and it perceives him to be an arsehole. A major arsehole if you may say. He would make an awesome drinking buddy, but there’s no way I would date him – that is if I still held a remote interest in males. I have Tucker’s next book at home – and I’m quite excited to crack it open. He certainly is an interesting person, even if he treats females like shit and drinks far too much.
Somewhere in the book, Tucker recounts the time he shagged a deaf woman – her alias was Miss Deaf Australia, and I thought this was true, and wanted to track her down and give her a pat on the back for shagging one of the world’s biggest arseholes…until Google tells me that they had to change the name due to Tucker’s publisher being a “pussy”…and the chick was actually Miss Deaf Illinois. Hilarious recount though, but I think he may not have been aware that the Deaf community is quite small…so if I ever happen to run into a former Miss Deaf Illinois and end up saying “Oh I’ve heard of you. Tucker must have been that good huh?”.

Tucker reminded me so much of Les Norton, a fictional character created by the brilliant Robert G. Barrett. Barrett is an Australian author and has been writing the Les Norton series for God knows how long – since the 1980’s, I think. I was first introduced to the series by my step-father at the age 16 when I was bored to tears during a holiday in the Sunshine Coast. He did warn me there would be shitloads of sex scenes. Being a virgin back then, I was gobsmacked as you can imagine. All those sorts of stuff Les would do while shagging those women. But seriously, those books were beyond awesome – and I ate through them up until the latest edition at the time. There’s been a few new ones come out since then, but I haven’t had the chance to get my hands on those copies. After all, I need to finish that pile (which is ever growing, as I keep on buying new books) of books I’m still yet to read.

I can honestly say that I prefer Barrett’s books over Tucker’s, but both are quite good sources of entertainment.

One major thing I have learnt is: do not treat women like shit. Heck, I’ve been treated like shit by a couple of males. As for by other females in that concept – I’ll get back to you on this one later on as it hasn’t happened to me before.

Now…to figure out how to keep myself entertained for the next 1 hour and 30 mins…


S x

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