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Volunteering & working aboard

by Sherrie

Okay, maybe not like that. Definitely not Hunger Games style. Although, I’d volunteer to work with Jennifer Lawrence šŸ˜‰

I have a friend who is currently volunteer teaching English to monklets (you know, kid monks) in Nepal. She has been sharing stories and photos on her Facebook, and because of her, I’ve been inspired to do something similar.


Where does one start?

I’ve been doing some Googling, and gosh, there’s so much opportunities.

The majority of ISIW’s audience is Deaf – and I’m sure they would want to volunteer with the local Deaf community somewhere in the world.

Volunteers Initiative Nepal – you can volunteer to work in a Deaf school in Nepal. You need to be fluent in sign language to help tutor deaf teachers, although volunteers with little to no signing abilities are also welcome, as they will be needed to help to facilitate the program.

Deaf Education Project in the PhilippinesĀ Ā – Participants with experience in International Sign are required, and also experience working with deaf children is also desirable. The role of the volunteer is to mentor deaf children and to assist teachers with conducting their classes.

The above are two examples of what I’ve found. It would be nice if all volunteering opportunities with the Deaf community was available in ONE place, rather than having to Google for hours and coming up with a million websites.

I’ve also been looking at applying to be a camp counselor in America. I remember a while ago a friend sent an email to Camp Counselors USAĀ and they said that they could not help because they don’t place staff in deaf/hard of hearing camps.

Another friend told me about Camp Mark 7 – a summer camp program in New York, USA which organises camps for KODAs, Deaf, etc. I’ve sent them an email asking if they accept international applicants.

The bottom line is that I would LOVE to either work or volunteer overseas…but where the heck do I start?!

Over and out,

S x

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