Welcome to I Sign. I Wander.!
You are invited into the world of a Deaf queer person where their experiences and thoughts unfold. Through this website, I shed light on the unique perspective and challenges faced by my intersectional identity of being both deaf and queer. You’ll experience a profound exploration of personal stories, reflections, and insights that resonate deeply with the human experience.
I invite you to immerse yourself into this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, advocacy, and celebration of diversity.


Sixth time lucky?

Today’s the third day of Lockdown 6.0 and I’m still processing how I feel about this. I haven’t written in a while, and I thought

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Why deaf people need allies

I write about how the outrage of the Deaf community towards Dexterity and his cultural appropriation of Auslan has brought up a number of underlying issues we’ve been experiencing for hundreds of years, and why it’s important for us to need allies so we can keep fighting the good fight.

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He Nearly Broke Me

Trigger warning: sexual abuse, rape, abuse. You enter a new relationship, thinking everything will be filled with puppies and rainbows. You smile thinking he’ll treat

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A letter to my 16yo self

Dear 16 year old me, It’s 2001 and you’re going into Year 10, where you’ll spend most of the year confused about yourself and the

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