Who is behind I Sign. I Wander.?

I’m Sherrie, a thirty-something Deaf queer from Melbourne, Australia. I use the pronouns: she/her

I’m passionate about empowering deaf and hard of hearing people, educating allies about the deaf culture and community, amplifying voices of diverse deaf and hard of hearing people, and learning about the world around us.

I work in project management for a Deaf organisation and as a casual academic for a Melbourne-based university. 
All content posted here are my own and do not reflect on my employers.

Outside of work, I can be found creating content for I Sign. I Wander., reading (I have so many unread books!), travelling, brunching with friends, trying cocktails all over Melbourne, and enjoying life.

A bit of history here:

I Sign. I Wander. was born in February 2013 — a whole decade since I discovered the world of blogging. Prior to I Sign. I Wander., approximately 25 blogs were started…and then sacrificed to the abyss of cyberspace. I was unable to feel connected to those poor blogs until this one. I’m still surprised to this day that I’ve managed to keep this blog for more than 2 months.

I’ve always loved writing. Creative writing wasn’t my forte; I enjoyed writing recounts, essays, etc based on real life experiences and facts. My mother has always been in awe of my writing skills, and she encouraged me to start blogging. I’m Gen Y, yet my mother is technologically ahead of me – she introduced me to Facebook, blogging, Tumblr, Instagram, and all that jazz. Fancy that!

I Sign. I Wander. originally started as a travel blog, as I have permanent wanderlust. Apparently it’s genetic. Anyhow, for a while, I was struggling to find more content because travel blogging is a popular niche. I had a feeling there was a gap in the blogging world. I knew travel blogging wasn’t working for me; I was also struggling to increase traffic and followers.

Two years after I Sign. I Wander. was born, I decided to switch from travel blogging to blogging about my experiences growing up as a Deaf person in mainstream Australia. It then took off from there. Traffic and followers doubled. I was actually able to create content, and share content I find on the Internet.

Why I Sign. I Wander.?

I Sign. I Wander. is based on my Deaf identity and my love of travelling. It’s me in a nutshell.

I Sign. I Wander. focuses on real-life experiences of Deaf and hard of hearing people; raising online awareness of sign language, particularly Auslan (Australian Sign Language); removing stigmas attached to Deaf/HoH people; and empowering Deaf/HoH people from birth to death. I Sign. I Wander. also educates the mainstream community about the Deaf/HoH community.

I Sign. I Wander. isn’t a biased blog. All perspectives are welcomed — after all, a healthy discussion is important particularly within the Deaf/HoH community.

Who’s I Sign. I Wander. for?


It doesn’t matter if you’re Deaf/HoH or hearing, but you wish to learn more about the Deaf community, want to know more about why sign language is important, read real-life stories of Deaf/HoH people, or share information with others, then this blog is for you.

Contact I Sign. I Wander.

If you would like to:

  • Create a partnership to empower the Deaf/HoH community.
  • Ask a question.
  • Guest blog for I Sign. I Wander.

Email me at sherrie@isigniwander.com to start a conversation!