Review: Paris is Fine


Deafferent Theatre is at Melbourne Fringe for the third year in a row, and they’ve surprised us with TWO new performances! Having been a part of the Deafferent family the last two years, I was pleasantly surprised as a member of the audience this year…and I loved it!

Paris is Fine is Deafferent Theatre’s first-ever original work. They used the Auslan-first process, which means the script was done in Auslan then later translated to English. Using this approach empowered the cast and directing team to deliver one of their best works to date. 

Livi Beasley as Paris. Credit: Angel of 3 Fates Media

Livi Beasley makes her third appearance at Melbourne Fringe (second time for Deafferent Theatre), so you will see that being on the stage is not new for her. She did Paris so much justice. She delivered beautifully. She blew the audience away. She’s definitely evolved as an actor. 

Like many other millennials, Paris struggles with her mental health, living in a fucked up world, and with a massive loss. There’s a lot of references to current news in politics, the world, and everything else. I’m struggling not to spoil too much, as everyone seriously needs to go and see this performance. Seriously.

Livi Beasley as Paris. Credit: Angel of 3 Fates Media

When the performance began, I wasn’t expecting for it to take me for a ride. I initially thought it was about Paris’ struggles with her mental health…only to have Livi show us that there’s so much more to Paris. Livi beautifully embodies Paris and puts her character out in the open for us to engage with. 

Paris makes us laugh, smile, nod in agreement, and breaks our hearts.
So. Much. Feels.

Livi Beasley as Paris. Credit: Angel of 3 Fates Media

This performance also showcases Jess’s talent as a theatre director. Her work is ground-breaking, and she’s one to watch as she delivers more theatre performances and opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing people. Jess and Ilana are co-founders of Deafferent Theatre and they have a vision of bringing bilingual theatre to the mainstream community by having performances done in Auslan and English…and they’ve done it again with Paris is Fine.

Paris is Fine is a must-watch during Melbourne Fringe – it’s currently running until Saturday 29th September 2018.

Get your tickets TODAY – otherwise, you’ll suffer from FOMO!

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