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Celebrating Deaf Pride – National Week of Deaf People 2016

by Sherrie

I was asked to create this video to launch this year’s National Week of Deaf People. It’s being shown to the public at Australia’s Biggest Deaf Club Event in conjunction with the inaugural National Auslan Conference at Deaf Children Australia.

For those who are unable to attend, you can view it below:


#10 – Drisana Levitzke-Gray: 2015 Young Australian of the Year

Australian of the Year Awards

#9 – Alastair McEwin: Australian Disability Discrimination Commissioner

Australian Human Rights Commission

#8 – 2016 Census: Available in Auslan for the first time

Australian Bureau of Statistics

#7 – Colin Allen: President of the World Federation of the Deaf (2011-Present)

World Federation of the Deaf

#6 – Live emergency briefings were Auslan interpreted during the 2011 Queensland floods. An Australian first.

Queensland Police

#5 – Livestreamed radio interview with Jen Blyth from Deaf Victoria.

Deaf Victoria

#4 – Establishment of the National Relay Service under Australian Communications Exchange

National Relay Service

#3 – M2005 Deaflympics Games: the second time the Games was held in Southern Hemisphere

Deaf Sports Australia

#2 – Australian Deaf Games: The Games We Love!

Deaf Sports Australia

#1 – Australian National Anthem performed in Auslan for the first at 2016 NRL Grand Final

Deaf Society NSW

Happy National Week of Deaf People!

Yours in Deaf Pride,

S x

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