14 Benefits of being Deaf


1 – Being able to communicate in the local sign language within days because it’s easier to pick up than spoken languages.

2 – You can turn your hearing aids/cochlear implants off at any time.

3 – You don’t have to listen to people farting.

4 – Immediately being accepted into a new community overseas because you are deaf.

5 – Conversations can continue as normal in sign language whilst across rooms, being underwater, through windows, or across train platforms.

6 – We talk one at a time, in a very sequential manner.


7 – Peaceful nights sleep without interruptions.

8 – Not hearing your housemates shagging.

9 – You can’t hear possums on the roof.

10 – Not having to talk when you have a sore throat, or when you’ve lost your voice.

11 – Better understanding of body language.

12 – Deaf parents can be calmer when it comes to their kids crying because they don’t hear the button-pushing wails and tantrums, so it is easier to ignore and regroup before dealing with toddlers.

13 – Being able to watch tv shows and movies from around the world where captions are available.

14 – Signing incoherently and having the interpreter make you sound smarter than you sound right now.

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